Thursday, April 24, 2014

April A to Z Blogging Challenge Day 21...Today's Blog Brought to You by the Letter "U"

When I was contemplating what to write for "U", what kept going through my head was the Minions singing, "...underwear...."  Yeah.  Couldn't figure out how to make a whole post about that.

I have so many unfinished projects sitting around.  This picture shows a few.  The pink and gray diaper cover/suspenders is supposed to be part of a fireman's baby outfit, complete with a helmet and boots.  I finished the helmet and one boot and now I can't find them anywhere!  The house has eaten them!  Where could they have gone?  I need to finish that one up because I had a fireman's baby model all set up and if I don't get it done soon, she will be too big!

The yellow and red socks were supposed to be for my son's birthday or maybe a Christmas a couple of years ago!

I wanted to get the Duck Dynasty beards and the "What Does the Fox Say" hat done and on my Etsy shop before the popularity waned.  But, here they sit, unfinished.

This is how I am, though.  I must be ADD--trust me, there's no hyperactivity anymore.  I wish!  I start something, then get bored or distracted and move on to something else.  I think it's the creative mind.
I need to close a few tabs.  And finish my projects.

~ Robin ~


  1. Me TOOOO! If I woudl finish the unfinished projects I would be happy, but it might scare others.

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I know what you mean, it would be scary!!!

  3. I am serious multi-tabber too! Congrats on finishing the A to Z challenge, that is UNfinished for me. Maybe next time I will complete it.