Friday, February 7, 2014

Diaper Cover and Booties

A friend from church messaged me the other day after seeing the new website and asked if I had anything on-hand she could take to a baby shower.  We chatted back and forth and she decided that in addition to getting a gift certificate for photography, she wanted me to make a pink diaper cover and booties.  The catch was that I had about 24 hours in which to complete this order.  No problem!  (Not always the case, but being snowbound with the kids and I could whip those up pretty fast.)

I started with a pattern I found at and and modified it a bit.  I also decided to put a fuzzy border on the diaper cover to jazz it up and make it a bit cuter and I loved the border so much, I am thinking this would be great in red for Christmas because the fuzzy white yarn stands up a bit and would be very Santa-ish.  Sounds like a project for later on...

The booties were a pattern from

I was able to complete the project on time and my friend said they'd be the hit of the shower.  Here's the finished product:

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