Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What do Crocheting and Scripting Have in Common?

It's official!  I just got the call today that our ministry proposals were accepted by the church leadership, so I will be starting a crochet class/club and my husband and I will begin building a drama ministry at church.

The first item up for business is to put on a mystery dinner theater that our pastor's wife requested for the fall to benefit our missions department.  So... that means I have to write a script!  Yikes!  Suddenly I am second-guessing myself.  I've written short non-fiction blogs and a couple of fiction short stories and a fiction novel in recent days.  Will I be able to write a script that is engaging and entertaining?  Will I be able to make it funny enough?  She called me, so excited to be able to make it a huge production and decorate the church and the tables to match the theme and wanted to get started perusing Pinterest right away.  Can we say pressure???  Ha ha!  I am so excited about this, but I have to get a theme chosen, we have to meet with some of the leadership, put out announcements to find actors and participants so I can know how many I have to work with before I can even start writing a script.  And we have around seven months.  And, of course, during that time, we will also be doing smaller skits every so often, which I will likely also be writing...  I see so many websites where people are selling scripts.  While the money would be helpful to my family while I am a stay-at-home mom, I am contemplating making my scripts available for free because this is to be a ministry, not a business.  If what I write could reach around the nation or the world and help encourage or uplift or bring truth to life, then I don't want to profit from that.  I want God to get all the glory.

Crochet Club will be fun, as well.  My thought so far is to meet once a month and start by teaching anyone who wants to learn the basics of crocheting.  Once they learn the basics and those who already know how, we will make items to give to charity.  Hats for the homeless, items for children's homes, hats for cancer patients, blankets for parents of stillborns, etc.  I have long wanted to make things for charity.  Crocheting is my hobby and I love doing it whether it's for my Etsy business or for my own kids.  Often I sit here, wondering what I can make next because I have no real projects on my plate (though that is not the case at present!).  I consider making something for charity, but since I am only one person and wonder what good one hat will do (the equivalent of throwing an ice cube into a forest fire), I start exploring and creating new items.  Getting together a group of women, who like Dorcas, want to benefit our community as well as being able to spend some time with other women will be wonderful!  Look for tutorials coming to this blog.  I'd like to post some up here, so my "clubbers" can refer back to instruction when we aren't at club, if they want to practice or create on their own.

So nervous and so excited for these new ventures!  Pray for these ministries!

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