Friday, February 7, 2014

New Website is Here!

It's here!!!  I finally finished the website and made it live!  This is the official unveiling!

This first page was a sort of stand-alone page to link and direct to all the different websites that make up Robin's Nest Enterprises!

Obviously this blog is here and the social media has been around for a while. My book has been published on Amazon for a few months, and my photography site has been up for a year or so, though I am doing some editing on it as well.  The newest feature is the craft site.  It is the epitome of our Etsy shop.  It has sections about mom's embroidery as well as my crochet.  We have corners for weekly picks either from our site or from around the web and free patterns.  That site goes far beyond the Etsy shop with its limit on the number of pictures we can post and all projects and capabilities we have done or can do.

A peek at the front page...

A peek at the embroidery section...

And a peek at the crochet page...

Check it out, bookmark it, and share it with all your friends!

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