Monday, January 20, 2014

The Beginning

First post on my new blog. to start this...

The whole point of this blog is to tie together all my ventures in one spot.  I have a photography business (Robin's Nest Photography), an Etsy shop (RobinsNestAndBeyond), one book self-published on Amazon (so far), and a website that branches off to my other websites and also features my mother's embroidery.  I envision sharing my projects with you, musing through my projects, posting crochet patterns, and documenting my progress.  I hope you will follow me on this journey!

In an effort to solidify my thoughts and give a direction to this blog, as well as a mini challenge from the blogathon I am participating in, I am thinking about who my audience is.  Who are you, as a reader of this blog?  Who do I want to read this blog?  Since this blog is more business-like in nature when compared to my personal blog, that tends to narrow down my niche.  However, the fact that this blog has several facets to it broadens the niche a bit.  So, who is this blog for?

Embroidery: This section of the blog is for those who are seeking an experienced embroiderer for a project they would like to commission.  Or for those that admire beautiful work.  As I don't embroider personally, I am speaking about something I know naught of and will be sharing secondhand what my mother does.

Photography: This section will be a behind the scenes look at my photography.  What goes into the session, the editing, what's the story behind this picture?  That will interest the client.  I also write this part with fellow photographers in mind.  Maybe you will draw inspiration from a picture of mine.  Perhaps you love this pose I used and would like to do something similar.  I learn a lot from seeing other photographers' shots and get ideas for what I want to do.  While pros will likely learn little from me other than to watch me grow, maybe an amateur will learn through my journey.  Also in mind here is the prospective client.  You can see my work on my website, Facebook, Pinterest, Pixoto, but until you have met me, you won't know the person behind the lens.  But, perhaps you can catch a glimpse through this blog.

Writing: This section is likely the hardest for me to define.  Likely audience... Hmmm...  Those who are seeking entertainment.  This is not only a place for me to plug my book(s), but a spot to bounce my ideas, poems, short stories off of you, the reader, and for you to experience those blurbs without cost.  You are my sounding board, my research panel.

Crochet: This part of the blog will be for fellow-crafters or those who appreciate crafty things.  It's my desire to put out some patterns that you can use in your own crafting.  Or, if you can't crochet, you can see behind the scenes of what RobinsNestAndBeyond has to offer.

There may be other crafty things that I post now and then.  I don't think that puts me outside my niche, as this entire blog is about crafty pursuits.  If you are a crafter, DIY'er, etc., you belong here.

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