Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fire Baby Outfit!

I saw a set like this on Pinterest or Etsy somewhere and since I already had a pattern for the fire hat (from Micah Makes) and a boot pattern I thought I could modify, I decided I could probably figure out the diaper cover/suspenders.  I started this months ago.  My husband is a paramedic for Kansas City Fire Department and one of the firemen at his station had a three month old baby and said I could use her as a baby model.  So, I made the hat, one boot and got 2/3 of the diaper cover done.  Then life got a little crazy and I put them away and forgot where I put them.  I searched everywhere!  By the time I found them, I knew his baby was too big to fit into the outfit.  However, we've had another volunteer!  Another fireman has a baby due in a couple of months, so I may yet get my baby model!!!  For now, here are pictures of the set, which I will likely be making available on Etsy soon.

Obviously they can be done in other colors, depending on the colors at a particular station.  There are some FD's around our area that use yellow in their trucks.  And our guys have tan and yellow bunker gear.  I have seen this one made for boys in black and red.  I just decided to do a pink and gray one for girls this time.  I put "KCFD" on the hat, but any FD can be put on it, or you could put the station number on it.  I made a larger one for my son a year or two ago and it had enough space to put both on it.  That picture is below.  I also made the suspenders adjustable to fit a variety of babies and likely fit a bit longer.

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