Sunday, March 9, 2014

Fun at the Glamberjack Party!

Shelly, a fellow crafter, awesome party planner/thrower, and friend from back in middle school and high school invited me to her birthday/crafting party.  Her original party date was snowed out, so it was rescheduled to yesterday.  It was an amazing party!
I loved being able to get out and hang out with other ladies, no kids in tow.  I love my kids and my girls would probably have loved to have gone too, but mama needed some adult time.  And a day set aside to just craft...  I got great ideas and inspiration and was able to compare notes with her mom, who is a photographer.  I hit Pinterest when I got home, I was so excited to do some more crafting!  I had intended to go home and get out my new woodburning kit that I have had for a couple of months but still haven't taken out of the box!  Shelly's uncle was doing some woodburning and is AMAZING at it and I love that smell!  But, I haven't slept well in several nights and had taken some meds, so I was too loopy to use something that has the ability to burn the house down.

The other awesome thing about her party is that she is so good at planning and throwing parties that she had awesome thematic items throughout her apartment.  The details were great!  She wanted a lumberjack theme, but since we were crafting, she called it "glamberjack".  The drink cups were empty honey bears with straws that looked like birch trees.  Stacks of pancakes were stabbed with wooden forks.  She had a stack of pancakes decorated with tiny pine trees.  And plaid was everywhere.  She had a photo "booth" area for dressing up like lumberjacks and taking pics.  This is where the beard/mustaches that I made for her came in:

I had brought some crocheting (I am working on a lamb hat for Easter) and worked on it some, but she had a few ideas for crafting, such as decorating mugs and making animal magnets.  I loved this idea after I saw it on Pinterest.  You cut the plastic animals in half and glue them to a magnet.  Something about an animal butt on my fridge makes me smile, so I had to try this out.  The ones I saw on Pinterest were painted gold or silver to look metal, but I painted mine a metallic pink and peacock green.  I have tons of plastic animals downstairs that the kids don't play with anymore, so I may have to make some more of these!  Great gifts for people as weird as me!  I bought my mom some earrings once that the front half was the front of the animal and the earring back was the back half of the animal--weirdness is awesome to me!  Here's my animal magnets...

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  1. I am so very glad you came and even more happy you had a good time! Your beards were such a hit...and they were so warm that the hubs and I will be breaking them out for the next snow storm:) The magnets were so incredibly funny and adorable I can't wait to get a few on my fridge! We need to plan a crafting day with the kiddos soon and keep the inspiration rolling!